The following topics (and more!) will be the focus of the 7th International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation.

  • Debris-flow initiation
  • Mechanics of debris-flow growth
  • Debris-flow mobility
  • Debris-flow deposits and fan morphology
  • Physical and numerical modeling of debris flows
  • Debris-flow monitoring and alert systems
  • Applications of new technologies
  • Forensic case studies of debris flows
  • Prediction and assessment of debris-flow hazards and risk
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Debris-flow mitigation
  • Role of disturbance in debris-flow initiation and mobility
  • Data integration and sharing
  • Needs of local government end users

With seven different themed sessions, we've lined up a comprehensive program with keynote speakers from industry, academia, and government:

Needs of End UsersMike Chard (USA) and Jeremy Lancaster (USA)
Case Studies / Hazard AssessmentMattias Jakob (Canada) and Alex Densmore (UK)
Processes / MechanicsNico Gray (UK) and Anne Mangeney (France)
Monitoring / Detection / WarningKate Allstadt (USA) and Brian McArdell (Switzerland)
Role of DisturbanceFumitoshi Imaizumi (Japan) and Luke McGuire (USA)
Experiments / ModelingLiz Bowman (UK) and David George (USA)
Engineering / MitigationKen Ho (Hong Kong) and Johannes Hubl (Austria)

In addition, there will be 40 oral presentations during morning and early afternoon sessions, and 130 poster presentations during two lengthy afternoon sessions that include ample food and drink!